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Welcome to Neonix mobile applications website. My first app is in appstore now. SMS Guard on the way.

SMS Guard

SMS GuardThis program designed for fast informing about you place and situation by sending SMS with you coordinates.
It is very important to have ability to call for help in fast and simple way, when you need it.

Predefined message with call for help and link to your current position on google maps combines by pressing only 1 button. You can use up to 9 buttons with different messages and phone numbers for different situations.


Fast and easy in use.
No internet connection needed.
No site registration or tracking services needed.
SMS can be send to any mobile phone.
Any modern browser can open google maps.
GPS and SMS sending ability required.

It is better to think ahead about your security and security of your family members.

Predefining messages:
Start the program. Navigate to settings tab. Press button 1. Put button title, phone number and message in corresponding fields. Press Save. Repeat for other buttons.

Sending messages: 
Start the program. Make sure you are on SMS tab. Press button predefined for your current situation. Standard SMS dialog will appear. Check you message and phone number. Press Send.

In case GPS not available (for example, you are in tunnel) last known coordinates will be used.

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